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Tourist Destinations in Bihar


by sanjay in Tourist Destinations in Bihar

If you wish to experience the vibrations of enlightenment and spirituality, Bodhgaya is a place just perfect for you. That is what makes Bodhgaya the most visited destinations of the world. As India is land of sages, gurus, and heightened spirituality, Bodhgaya becomes even...

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Interest in Hajipur
Patthar ki Masjid/ Jamia Masjid

Patthar ki Masjid/ Jamia Masjid

by sanjay in Religious Place

The remains of the fort built by Haji Ilyas Sheikh Jami Masjid which was within the area, of Hajipur, and is an important building of the Mughal period. This charming three-domed mosque made of stone size measuring 84.5 ft (25.8 m) long and 33.5 ft...

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